About Me

Most of my creative experience transpired in a magical world of imagination and ideas, drawing from the secular and the spiritual.  For many years I have been designing and crafting artistic ritual objects for worship and sacred places. Some of the pieces have been studded with precious gems and crafted in sterling silver, reminiscent of fine pieces of jewelry.

For me metals and gems reflect nature and the environment from which they evolved.

Their beauty is given to us.  My endeavor is to give them back, transformed as unique objects of art and elegant jewelry which are cherished for a lifetime and passed on to the next generation.

This transformation is not only particular to gems and metals but also to a common place material such as rubber.

So, after many years, how did I come to work with a common place material such as rubber- not only rubber, but recycled rubber?  I wanted to try something completely new, something “green”. I see this collection as Coco Chanel meets Punk art.    This evolution is the same type of transformation that I create with metal and gems only with rubber, pearls, and beads.  It is both simultaneously primitive and modern; making us aware of the world around us. The process is a little different in that the recycled rubber is damaged and imperfect.  With imagination and creativity is becomes a wearable striking piece of art jewelry. I’ve named it CHIC TREADS-simple yet provocative.